We know exactly how to structure lending deals that get rejected by other hard money lenders. 

We offer our expertise to our clients to ensure profitability.

   Glen Gallucci, Founder and CEO  of Peak Properties, LLC and
Peak Private Lending, is an expert real estate investor and educator in the quick turn real estate market.
   He has over 30 years of “ in the trenches” experience in successfully buying, renovating and selling distressed and bank-owned properties.

   Glen is well-known in the New Jersey real estate market as “A Seasoned Investor”, with superior contacts in the real estate, foreclosure and financing industries. Glen has been featured in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times  touring his investment properties. Glen hosts one of the largest real estate networking meetings in New Jersey with over 3,000 members.

Glen Gallucci, Founder

Glen Gallucci is recognized as the leading expert in the Private Lending Business for real estate investors. Glen has various unique programs to assist the very well-seasoned investor as well as the novice and beginning investors.

ABOUT Peak Private Lending

Peak Properties, LLC, the parent company of Peak Private Lending, is a professional real estate investment company that specializes in buying and selling properties from Pre-Foreclosures, Bank Owned (REO’s) Estate Sales, Trusts and Distressed Situations. We have been in the real estate and construction industry for over 30 years and have a successful record in new and renovated residential projects as well as commercial projects. We continue to invest in our own properties as well as joint venture with other real estate investors. Our projects have included: Purchasing and Renovating 1 to 4 Family House, Co-Op Apartments, Condos, Building New Homes and Modular Construction, Renovating Older Homes, Building Retail Locations, and Renovating Commercial Space for Fortune 500 Companies.
In 2002, "Peak Private Lending" was born as we started lending our personal and excess company funds to other real estate investors. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the Quick Turn Distressed Real Estate Market we have quickly become a prime source for investors when they need loans for their projects. Especially those investors who do not qualify for loans through the traditional loan applications from other hard money lenders. Our large real estate network, community presence, the increased supply of properties along with the increase in real estate investors needing funding, have contributed to Peak Private Lending becoming a major player in the New Jersey private hard money lending business. We know exactly how to structure lending deals that other lenders aren't able to.


To develop and implement the investment transactions, Mr. Gallucci has assembled an unparalleled team of experienced professionals to be a vital part of this company to ensure it’s success.

Meet The Team

Paul Gallucci, Managing Partner to Peak Properties, LLC and Peak Private Lending:


Paul Gallucci is an accomplished, versatile and dynamic real estate professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the real estate and lending industries.  Prior to forming the Peak brand, Paul studied at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and began his career working on a trading desk for Goldman Sach’s.  He gained experience in the origination, servicing and whole loan trading space while managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio of distressed assets for a private hedge fund.  Paul developed a passion for real estate and the stabilization of local neighborhoods while assisting Glen Gallucci in local investment projects.  Because of his diverse work history, Paul is skilled at analyzing, underwriting and managing the company’s portfolio.  He provides critical leadership over all aspects of the company’s portfolio, managing risk and driving strategic efforts to increase overall production.  Paul holds licenses as a mortgage originator and NJ title producer.

Pamela Providel, Executive Administrator to Peak Properties, LLC and Peak Private Lending:


Pamela Providel, Executive Administrator of Peak Properties, LLC and Peak Private Lending has a vital role in all operations of Peak. Pamela is the center of all communication of Peak and manages the project flow from start to finish that comes into the office. She analyzes, prioritizes and delegates each project task to the  appropriate Peak team and support members. Pamela received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Montclair State University. Prior to joining Peak, Pamela worked for a prestigious busy law firm specializing in varies real estate transactions. Pamela’s responsibilities start with the inception to completion of every project.

Mark Hill, Advisor and Partner in Peak Funding Group

(Out of State and Commercial Division)

Mark Hill is a 25-year veteran of the Financial Industry both with Major Wall Street Investment Banks and large Hedge Funds. His particular expertise has been focused in equity trading and arbitrage strategies.
Mark has joined Glen Gallucci to form a new and separate company Peak Funding Group LLC which will concentrate their lending to out of state, larger projects, and unique diversified projects.
In recent years Mr. Hill has been investing in Private Lending and Home Rehabilitation in New York, Massachusetts, Chicago and Rhode Island.

Katelyn Potoczak, Executive Administrator to Peak Funding Group, LLC, Our New Commercial and Out of State Lending Division


Katelyn Potoczak, Executive Administrator of Peak Funding Group, LLC is responsible for all activity with the Funding Group from inception to completion. She analyzes and prioritizes every incoming project and coordinates the lending procedures between borrowers and our executive and support team to ensure accuracy and prompt execution from beginning to end. Katelyn received her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Montclair State University. Prior to joining Peak Properties, LLC, Katelyn was Bank Associate at Provident Bank.

Kimberly Purcell, Senior Project Manager- Peak Properties, LLC and Peak Private Lending


Kimberly Purcell worked her way up with Peak over the last 5 years and is now instrumental for the success of our projects. Kimberly implements the Planning, Executing, and Closing of our Projects by defining the project, building its comprehensive work plan, scope of work and managing to the budget. Kimberly manages our associate Project Managers. Kimberly is also a licensed real estate agent as well as being a real estate investor. This enables Kimberly to accurately assist in the analyzing of every project from the realtor view as well as the investor view. That is an exceptional combination.

Alfred Purcell, Associate Project Manager-Peak Private Lending


Alfred Purcell is one of our associate project managers who is also an experienced real estate investor. His knowledge in providing and executing detailed project management skills along with prioritizing each project is a huge benefit to assisting the projects from the beginning to it’s completion.

 Additional Team Members

These hand-picked trained professionals make Peak Properties and Peak Private Lending

a leader in the quick turn real estate investing and lending industry.


To oversee, monitor and offer assistance on each project


To handle all the documentation, recordings and transfers of the project


Trained to view all potential projects with investment objectives



To analyze the potential projects for acceptance


To perform full or partial scope of work if and when needed by borrower


To obtain clear title and ensure full protection and insurances

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