Lending Criteria

Frequently asked questions

What are your lending limits?

Our sweet spot on loans in the Fix & Flip Market is between $75,000 – $1,000,000

Do you do 100% financing?

Yes, with our training and or approved proprietary programs. Many times our borrowers also prefer our successful Joint Venture Program.

What value do you use?

Our loans are based up to a 70% loan to value depending on certain criteria of the project.

What Type Properties Do You Lend On?

Our main focus is on single and multi-family residential properties consisting of 2-4 family houses. We do not lend on vacant land or developement of land consisting of variances, and town approvals of subdivisions.

Will Peak Lend on an Investment Property I Want to Buy and Re-Finance at a Later Date?

Depending on the strength of the borrower or the type of property, we have unique programs where this can be arranged.

Are there any properties you do not lend on?

Leaking Underground Oil Tanks – Cracked or Sagging Foundations, Fire Damaged, Any Structural Damage, Flood Zone Areas, Next to Gas Stations, Auto Body Shops, or Commercial or Industrial Areas, Raw Land-Steep Topography, Co-ops, Primary Residence, 2nd Homes, Mobil Homes, Trailer Homes, Subdivisions-Re-Zoning, Undesirable Neighborhoods, Streets and Neighbors.

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