Bogota, NJ - Fix And Flip

Address: Bogota, NJ

Borrower Profile: We have been working with these experienced investors - husband & wife for the last fifteen years. They area of specialty is in Flipping houses.

Work Description: Renovated Kitchen, Bathroom & Living Room

Purchase Price: $

Renovation Budget: $

Loan Amount: $

Cash Available for Purchase: $

Cash Available for Renovation: $

Loan Structure: How is loan structured?

Loan Purpose: Property Purchase and Rehabilitation

ARV: $

Sale Price: $

Time To Pay Off: What’s the best period Peak can give?

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After


The borrowers qualified for - what terms? They started out by taking our Fast Track Training program, did a few JV’s with Peak to get started, then found more success buying and flipping.


The borrowers paid Peak within x months,?


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